Are you or someone you care about having a difficult time?

Life itself can certainly be overwhelming. Sometimes we feel as though our lives aren't turning out as we would like them to. Things may not be going as you've planned or you may feel that you have come up against an obstacle that you're having trouble overcoming on your own. You may not completely understand your thoughts and feelings or believe that you have what it takes to make sense of it all & push through.

Maybe you or your child are struggling with Anxiety, Depression, Grief, an Eating Disorder, ADHD, an Autism Spectrum Disorder, or the effects of trauma. Your relationships or your job may not be giving you the level of satisfaction you’d like…or you might be having difficulty managing and integrating one of life's many transitions & challenges such as: relationship or family conflict, illness, loss or bereavement, pregnancy, marriage, divorce, parenting issues, lack of motivation & confidence, making a significant life decision, or realizing your own identity and purpose.

You may be watching your child struggling with social, emotional, or academic problems and aren't sure how to make sense of what is happening let alone help them. Your Family may be having trouble communicating and managing conflict. You might be feeling frustrated or ineffective as a parent and notice your relationship with your child is suffering.

Whatever your challenges may be, You are not alone. We all need a little perspective to help guide us. Believe it or not, you have much more power and control over your reality than you believe you do right now. It’s in YOU, right at this moment…it’s all there, waiting to be realized. It can get better. There is hope, and I am here to support & guide you through the process.

Whether you realize it or not, you have already begun the process of empowerment & change by beginning your search for a Therapist. I admire you for taking the first step and visiting my website. Here you will find the information, support, and tools to help you decide if you could benefit from counseling / therapy. Your ability to seek solutions, understand yourself and those you care about, and ask for help are all positive indicators of your strength and capacity to heal and have a better life.